Why Soy Candles are Better for People and the Planet

At Jackson Rose, we pour only pure soy wax candles and we've been doing it this way from the beginning. But why soy? Is it actually better? The short answer is yes. For the long answer (and the reason we're so committed to soy) keep reading and learn why pure soy candles are better for people and the planet. 

Plant-based & Renewable

  • Soy candles are made from - you guessed it - soy! Soybeans are a renewable resource that can be refined and made into a planet-healthy, plant-based wax.


  • 100% pure soy candles that use natural cotton wicks (like ours) do not contain the toxic and cancer-causing chemicals that are found in synthetic wax candles. Paraffin candles are the most common on the market, because they are less expensive than soy, but paraffin wax is a made from petroleum by-products that have been shown to release a cocktail of toxic chemicals. No, thanks. 


  • Soy wax and natural cotton wicks produce much less soot than traditional candles. Switch to soy and say goodbye to that ugly (and toxic) soot stain under your kitchen cabinets. 

Support local farms

  • Most soybeans are farmed and harvested in the Midwestern US. Using domestically sourced soy wax supports local farms and requires less transport, which also leaves a smaller carbon footprint.


  • You may have noticed that soy candles may cost a little more, but because soy wax melts at a lower temperature, they burn slower and longer. So they are actually a more cost-effective choice. 

Recyclable & Reusable Containers

  • Since pure soy candles melt at a lower temperature, they are typically poured into containers and not found as pillar or taper candles. The most common vessels for candles are made of glass, which is recyclable and reusable. Candle jars can be cleaned and repurposed for plants, spices, pens & pencils, or any number of creative uses. 


At Jackson Rose, our goal is simple: make good-looking, great-smelling, plant-based candles. We want you to feel good about burning them in your home and gifting them to your friends, because they are made from clean ingredients and crafted by hand. So the next time you choose a Jackson Rose candle, know that you're making a healthy, sustainable choice for yourself and the planet!