Meet the Maker

A few things...

Aside from being a candlemaker and small business owner, here are some other things you might like to know!

1. I love art & beauty above all! Bright colors, bold patterns, and texture always stir my imagination. My favorite artists are those that push the limits and convey raw emotion in the natural world. On my wishlist right now are works by Reisha Perlmutter and Chelsea Goer.

2. In nature is where I find most of my inspiration. I need regular travel to explore & feel connected to both wild places and culture! One of my favorite (and most memorable) adventures was to the Peruvian Amazon to study macaws in their natural habitat. 

3. Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods. Along with avocados, pickled okra, and anything that swims. I can say from experience that eating an entire 5 pound lobster in one sitting is probably a bit too much! (But it was totally worth it!)

4. I was born in Georgia and spent my childhood between Georgia and Florida. Currently, my family & I live in the suburbs of Chicago, IL.

5. I believe we should all contribute to something bigger than ourselves to make the world a better place!